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Dangerous Goods By Air

Including DOT Security Awareness Training

The International Civil Aviation Organization places a number of responsibilities on all those involved in consigning and transporting Dangerous Goods by Air.

It is a legal requirement that those involved in this subject attend and pass an approved training course in order to be aware of the various regulations and requirements.


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Global Transport Training Services USA. Ltd offers an in-depth initial training course designed to meet the legal requirements, in full.

Those personnel who have already received initial training must attend a refresher training course within 24 months of the last certification. This is an abbreviated course depending on retained knowledge and whether the regulations have been used on a regular basis.

Training Venues

See the Class Schedule for details of where the courses are being conducted. In-house training can also be arranged, although certain criteria must be met.

Please note timings and duration of training may vary depending on the size of the class. (Instructor will not omit any part of the training syllabus, when shortening the duration.)

The course provides all information required for a candidate to :

  • Understand the legal requirements and responsibilities
  • Realize that some articles are forbidden for air transport or have limitations concerning their carriage
  • Recognize that some substances and articles have dangerous characteristics and that there are classes of dangerous goods with accepted criteria
  • Identify the requirements of the list of dangerous goods
  • Be aware of and act on notified variations to the Technical Instructions
  • Understand the requirements for packing, including the Packing Instructions
  • Appreciate the specifications for packaging and to understand their testing and marking
  • Understand the procedures for accepting dangerous goods for carriage, including the use of a check list
  • Understand procedures for the marking, labeling, and documentation of dangerous goods
  • Be aware of and follow loading restrictions
  • Realize which information needs to be communicated regarding Dangerous Goods

*Current Price:
Initial (Basic) $800.00
Revalidation $580.00

Class Schedule - View and Register Now!
*subject to change  


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